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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
9783642240782.pdf.jpg2012Multiscale and adaptivity :Bertoluzz A, Silvi A; N Aldi, Giov Anni; Russo, Giovanni; C I M E Summer School; Cetr Aro, It Aly)
9783642238680.pdf.jpg2012High performance computing in science and engineering '11 :Workshop on High-Performance Computing in Science and Engineering; Stuttgart, Germany); N Agel, Wolfg Ang E; Kr oner, Dietm Ar; Resch, Michael
9783642239045.pdf.jpg2012The arithmetic of fundamental groups :PI A 2010; Heidelberg, Germ Any); Stix, Jakob
9781461450559.pdf.jpg2014Modelling and simulation in fluid dynamics in porous mediaFerreir A, Jos A; B Arbeiro, S lvi A; Pen A, Gon Alo; Wheeler, Mary F
9783319015958.pdf.jpg2014Data analysis, machine learning and knowledge discoveryGesellsch Aft f r Kl Assifik Ation; J Ahrest Agung; University of Hildesheim); J Anning, Ruth; Schmidt-Thieme, Lars,; Spiliopoulou, Myra
9783319014395.pdf.jpg2014Sustained simulation performance 2013Joint Workshop on Sust Ained Simul Ation Perform Ance; Stuttgart, Germany); Resch, Michael
9783319018485.pdf.jpg2014Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Care Systems EngineeringM Att A, Andre A
9783642349041.pdf.jpg2014Advances in regression, survival analysis, extreme values, Markov processes and other statistical applicationsd A Silv A, Jo Ao Lit A; Esquivel, M Anuel L; Mexi A, Jo o Ti Ago
9783034801904.pdf.jpg2012Nonlinear partial differential equations /C Aff Arelli, Luis A; C Abr e, X Avier,; L opez Soler, Ju An M ,
9783642394546.pdf.jpg2013Foundations of augmented cognition :Intern Ation Al Conference on Augmented Cognition; L As Veg As, Nev ); Schmorrow, Dylan,; Fidopi Astis, C Ali M; Intern Ation Al Conference on Hum An-Computer Inter Action; L As Veg As, Nev )