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-Photoluminescent metal-sulfur clusters derived from tetrathiometalates: Metal-to-metal charge-transfer excited states of d 0-d 10 heterobimetallic sUlfido clusters with bulky phosphine ligands-
-Synthesis, luminescence and ion-binding studies of a trinuclear copper(I) acetylide complex containing benzo-15-crown-5. X-ray crystal structure of [cu 3(μ-dppm) 3(μ 3-η 1- C≡C-benzo-15-crown-5) 2]pf 6-
-Luminescent molecular copper(I) alkynyl open cubes: Synthesis, structural characterization, electronic structure, photophysics, and photochemistry-
-Syntheses and luminescence behavior of tetranuclear copper(I) diynyl complexes: X-ray crystal structure of [Cu 4(PPh 3) 4(μ 3-η 1-C≡C-C≡CPh) 4]-
-Synthesis, luminescence and host-guest chemistry of copper(I) and zinc(II) complexes of dppzc (dppzc=dipyrido[3,2-a:2′,3′-c]phenazo-15-crown-5)-
-Modular cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes as luminescent molecular sensors for pH and hydrophobic binding regions-
-Luminescent homo- and heteropolynuclear platinum(II) chalcogenido aggregates based on [Pt2E2 (P∧N)4] units (E = S, Se)-
-Cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes as highly sensitive luminescent switch-on probes for practical application in protein staining and cell imaging-
-Proof of potassium ions by luminescence signaling based on weak gold - Gold interactions in dinuclear gold(I) complexes-
-A highly soluble luminescent decanuclear gold(I) complex with a propeller-shaped structure-