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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1-May-2016A Review on of Forming Limit Prediction and Determination at Elevated TemperaturesCommission of the European Communities; Royal Academy Of Engineering
19-Jan-2016Experimental and Modeling Study of the Phase Behavior of (Heptane plus Carbon Dioxide plus Water) MixturesCommission of the European Communities; Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center QSTP LLC
1-May-2016Prediction of thinning behavior for complex-shaped, lightweight alloy panels formed through a hot stamping process*Commission of the European Communities
17-Dec-2015Integrative methods for analysing big data in precision medicineCommission of the European Communities
22-Mar-2016Continuous-time enclosures for uncertain implicit differential equationsCommission of the European Communities
22-Mar-2016Set-theoretic approaches in analysis, estimation and control of nonlinear systemsEngineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Commission of the European Communities
8-Oct-2015Indacenodithiophene–benzothiadiazole organic field-effect transistors with gravure-printed semiconductor and dielectric on plasticCommission of the European Communities
5-Jan-2016Determining the propagation path of a disturbance in multi-rate process and electromechanical systemsCommission of the European Communities; ABB Technology Ltd
23-Mar-2016Model-based methodology for plant-wide analysis of wastewater treatment plants: Industrial case studyCommission of the European Communities; Sydney Water Corporation
30-Jun-2016Quantifying the demand-side response capability of industrial plants to participate in power system frequency control schemesRoyal Academy Of Engineering; Commission of the European Communities