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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
9783642407994.pdf.jpg2014Geostationary Satellites CollocationLi, Hengni An; by Hengnian Li.
9783662435021.pdf.jpg2015Introduction to Quantum Information ScienceH Ay Ashi, M As Ahito; Ishiz Ak A, S Atoshi; K Aw Achi, Akinori; Kimur A, Gen; Og Aw A, Tomohiro; by Masahito Hayashi, Satoshi Ishizaka, Akinori Kawachi, Gen Kimura, Tomohiro Ogawa.
9783319029498.pdf.jpg2014Mathematical Models and Numerical Simulation in ElectromagnetismBerm dez, Alfredo; G mez, Dolores; Salgado, Pilar; by Alfredo Berm??dez, Dolores G??mez, Pilar Salgado.
9783319037981.pdf.jpg2014Innovative Technologies in Urban MappingContin, Antonell A; P Aolini, P Aolo; Salerno, Rossella; edited by Antonella Contin, Paolo Paolini, Rossella Salerno.
9783319046754.pdf.jpg2014Geometry and its ApplicationsRovenski, Vladimir; Walczak, Pawe; edited by Vladimir Rovenski, Pawe?? Walczak.
9783319100647.pdf.jpg2015Stochastic Geometry, Spatial Statistics and Random FieldsSchmidt, Volker; edited by Volker Schmidt.
9783034805070.pdf.jpg2012Persian Architecture and MathematicsSarhangi, Reza; edited by Reza Sarhangi.
9783319082936.pdf.jpg2014Forward Error Correction Based On Algebraic-Geometric TheoryA Alzubi, J Af Ar; A Alzubi, Om Ar; M Chen, Thom As; by Jafar A. Alzubi, Omar A. Alzubi, Thomas M. Chen.
9783319081052.pdf.jpg2014Fractals, Wavelets, and their ApplicationsB Andt, Christoph; B Arnsley, Mich Ael; Dev Aney, Robert; F Alconer, Kenneth J; K Ann An, V; Kum Ar P B , Vinod; edited by Christoph Bandt, Michael Barnsley, Robert Devaney, Kenneth J. Falconer, V. Kannan, Vinod K
9783642542657.pdf.jpg2015Set-valued OptimizationKhan, Akhtar A.; Tammer, Christiane.; Z??linescu, Constantin.; by Akhtar A. Khan, Christiane Tammer, Constantin Z??linescu.