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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
9783642369490.pdf.jpg2013Euro-Par 2012: Parallel Processing WorkshopsC Ar Agi Annis, Io Annis; Alex Ander, Mich Ael; B Adi A, Ros A M Ari A; C Ann At Aro, M Ario; Cost An, Alex Andru; D Anelutto, M Arco; Desprez, Fr d ric; Kr Ammer, Bettin A; Sahuquillo, Julio; Scott, Stephen L; Weidendorfer, Josef; edited by Ioannis Caragiannis, Micha
9783319062037.pdf.jpg2014Augmented Reality ArtGeroimenko, Vl Adimir; edited by Vladimir Geroimenko.
9783319129761.pdf.jpg2014Sound, Music, and MotionAr Am Aki, Mitsuko; Derrien, Olivier; Kronl And-M Artinet, Rich Ard; Ystad, Sl vi; edited by Mitsuko Aramaki, Olivier Derrien, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Sl??vi Ystad.
9783319045108.pdf.jpg2014Interactive Experience in the Digital AgeC Andy, Lind A; Ferguson, S Am; edited by Linda Candy, Sam Ferguson.
9783319113814.pdf.jpg2014Information Access Evaluation. Multilinguality, Multimodality, and InteractionKanoulas, Evangelos. ; Lupu, Mihai. ; Clough, Paul. ; Sanderson, Mark. ; Hall, Mark. ; Hanbury, Allan. ; Toms, Elaine. ;
9783642453717.pdf.jpg2014The Welsh Language in the Digital AgeRehm, Georg. ; Uszkoreit, Hans. ;
9783642323416.pdf.jpg2013Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software EngineeringM Aci Aszek, Leszek A; Zhang, Kang; edited by Leszek A. Maciaszek, Kang Zhang.
9781447140023.pdf.jpg2012A Proof Theory for Description LogicsRademaker, Alexandre; by Alexandre Rademaker.
9783642323508.pdf.jpg2013Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics. Theory and ApplicationsCsurk A, G Abriel A; Kr Aus, M Artin; Mestetskiy, Leonid; Richard, Paul; Br Az, Jos; edited by Gabriela Csurka, Martin Kraus, Leonid
9783642324277.pdf.jpg2012Internet of ThingsWang, Yongheng; Zhang, Xiaoming; edited by Yongheng Wang, Xiaoming Zhang.