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Title: A 0.45V continuous time-domain filter using asynchronous oscillator structures
Issue Date: 13-Feb-2017
Publisher: IEEE
Description: This paper presents a novel oscillator based filter structure for processing time-domain signals with linear dynamics that extensively uses digital logic by construction. Such a mixed signal topology is a key component for allowing efficient processing of asynchronous time encoded signals that does not necessitate external clocking. A miniaturized primitive is introduced as analogue time-domain memory that can be modelled, synthesized, and incorporated in closed loop mixed signal accelerators to realize more complex linear or non-linear computational systems. This is contextualized by demonstrating a compact low power filter operating at 0.45 V in 65 nm CMOS. Simulation results are presented showing an excess of 50 dB dynamic range with a FOM of 7fJ/pole which promises an order of magnitude improvement on state-of-the-art filters in nanometre CMOS.
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