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9789400777996.pdf.jpg2014An Expedition to Continuum TheoryM ller, Wolfg Ang H; by Wolfgang H. M??ller.
9789400777057.pdf.jpg2014History of the work conceptOliveir A, Ag Amenon R R
9789400779082.pdf.jpg2014Injection technologies for the repair of damaged concrete structuresP An Asi u k, V V; Vl Adimir V AsilEvich; M Arukh A, V I; Sylovanyuk, V P
9789400778115.pdf.jpg2014Materials and joints in timber structuresAicher, Simon; G Arrecht, H Ar Ald; Reinhardt, H
9783642295232.pdf.jpg2014Green's functions and finite elementsH Artm Ann, F; Friedel ,
9789401792639.pdf.jpg2014Trends in Nanoscale MechanicsH Arik, V Asyl; edited by Vasyl Harik.
9783642308796.pdf.jpg2014Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineersItskov, Mikh Ail
9781461445623.pdf.jpg2014Mechanical self-assemblyChen, Xi
9783642302909.pdf.jpg2014Stability loss and buckling delaminationAkb Arov, Surk Ay
9781461465409.pdf.jpg2014Topics in Experimental Dynamic Substructuring, Volume 2M Ayes, R Andy; Rixen, Daniel; Allen, M Att; edited by Randy Mayes, Daniel Rixen, Matt Allen.
9781461448334.pdf.jpg2014Introduction to Linear ElasticityGould, Phillip L; by Phillip L. Gould.
9780817648930.pdf.jpg2014Sliding Mode Control and ObservationShtessel, Yuri; Edw Ards, Christopher; Fridm An, Leonid; Lev Ant, Arie; by Yuri Shtessel, Christopher Edwards, Leonid Fridman, Arie Levant.
9783642349829.pdf.jpg2014Laser drillingYilbas, B S
9781461466840.pdf.jpg2014Smart materials-based actuators at the micro/nano-scaleRakotondrabe, Micky
9781461468776.pdf.jpg2014Nonlinear approaches in engineering applications.D Ai, Liming,; J Az Ar, Rez A N
9781461467687.pdf.jpg2014Introduction to Solid MechanicsLubliner, J Acob; P Ap Adopoulos, P An Ayiotis; by Jacob Lubliner, Panayiotis Papadopoulos.
9781461469438.pdf.jpg2014Modern Linear Control DesignC Ar Av Ani, P Aolo; by Paolo Caravani.
9781441917461.pdf.jpg2015Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element AnalysisKim, N Am-Ho; by Nam-Ho Kim.
9781461481393.pdf.jpg2014Engineering ViscoelasticityGutierrez-Lemini, D Anton; by Danton Gutierrez-Lemini.
9781461472674.pdf.jpg2014Blast mitigationShukla, A; Arun; Rajapakse, Y; Hynes, M Ary Ellen