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Title: Computational Electromagnetics-Retrospective and Outlook;In Honor of Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer /
Authors: Ahmed, Iftikh Ar
Chen, Zhizh Ang (D Avid)
Keywords: Engineering;Magnetism;Microwaves;Systems engineering;Engineering;Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering;Circuits and Systems;Magnetism, Magnetic Materials;621.3 23;TK7876-7876.42
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer Singapore;Imprint Springer,
place: Singapore
Abstract: The book will cover the past, present and future developments of field theory and computational electromagnetics. The first two chapters will give an overview of the historical developments and the present the state-of-the-art in computational electromagnetics. These two chapters will set the stage for discussing recent progress, new developments, challenges, trends, and major directions in computational electromagnetics with three main emphases: a. Modeling of ever larger structures with multi-scale dimensions and multi-level descriptions (behavioral, circuit, network and field levels) and transient behaviours b. Inclusions of physical effects other than electromagnetic: quantum effects, thermal effects, mechanical effects and nanoscale features c. New developments in available computer hardware, programming paradigms (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, and OpenCL) and the associated new modeling approaches These are the current emerging topics in the area of computational electromagnetics and may provide readers a comprehensive overview of future trends and directions in the area. The book is written for students, research scientists, professors, design engineers and consultants who engaged in the fields of design, analysis and research of the emerging technologies related to computational electromagnetics, RF/microwave, optimization, new numerical methods, as well as accelerator simulator, dispersive materials, nano-antennas, nano-waveguide, nano-electronics, terahertz applications, bio-medical and material sciences. The book may also be used for those involved in commercializing electromagnetic and related emerging technologies, sensors and the semiconductor industry. The book can be used as a reference book for graduates, and post graduates. It can also be used as a text book for workshops and continuing education for researchers and design engineers.
Description: Printed edition:;9789812870940.
Table Of Contents: Fifty Years of Research in Electromagnetics - A Voyage back in Time -- Some Remarks on the Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) Method and its Application to Transient EM Fields and to EMC Problems -- LTCC-Based Multilayer Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Lines for Super-Compact Distributed Circuits -- Unconditionally Stable Fundamental Alternating-Direction-Implicit FDTD Method for Dispersive Media -- Evaluation of the Transient Performance of Super-Wideband Printed-Circuit Antennas Using Time-Domain Electromagnetics -- Conformal and Multi-Scale Time-Domain Methods: From Unstructured Meshes to Meshless Discretisations -- A Mortar Element Method for the Electric Field Integral Equation on Sheets and Junctions.
ISBN: 9789812870957
9789812870940 (print)
Format: [electronic resource] :
Type Of Material: Book
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