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9789400747869.pdf.jpg2014IAENG Transactions on Engineering TechnologiesKim, H Aeng Kon; Ao, Sio-Iong; Rieger, Burghard B; edited by Haeng Kon Kim, Sio-Iong Ao, Burghard B. Rieger.
9789401787680.pdf.jpg2014Semiconductor technologies in the era of electronicsK Ang, Yong Hoon; Writer onElectronics
9781461404903.pdf.jpg2014Fast Hopping Frequency Generation in Digital CMOSF Ar Azi An, Moh Amm Ad; L Arson, L Awrence E; Gudem, Pr As Ad S; by Mohammad Farazian, Lawrence E. Larson, Prasad S. Gudem.
9789401790758.pdf.jpg2014Algorithm & SoC design for automotive vision systemsKim, J Aeseok; Shin, Hyunchul
9789401790383.pdf.jpg2014Electrical Design of Through Silicon ViaLee, M Anho; P Ak, Jun So; Kim, Joungho; edited by Manho Lee, Jun So Pak, Joungho Kim.
9789401789264.pdf.jpg2014Spline and Spline Wavelet Methods with Applications to Signal and Image ProcessingAverbuch, Amir Z; Neitt A Anm Aki, Pekk A; Zheludev, Valery A; by Amir Z. Averbuch, Pekka Neittaanmaki, Valery A. Zheludev.
9781461446903.pdf.jpg2014Bio/CMOS interfaces and co-designC Arr Ar A, S Andro
9789812871671.pdf.jpg2015Human Action Analysis with Randomized TreesYu, Gang; Yuan, Junsong; Liu, Zicheng; by Gang Yu, Junsong Yuan, Zicheng Liu.
9789812870957.pdf.jpg2015Computational Electromagnetics-Retrospective and OutlookAhmed, Iftikh Ar; Chen, Zhizh Ang (D Avid); edited by Iftikhar Ahmed, Zhizhang (David) Chen.
9789812871978.pdf.jpg2015Ring Resonator Systems to Perform Optical Communication Enhancement Using SolitonAmiri, Ir Aj S Adegh; Afroozeh, Abdolk Arim; by Iraj Sadegh Amiri, Abdolkarim Afroozeh.
9789814451246.pdf.jpg2014Microwave Systems DesignAw Ang, Z Aiki; by Zaiki Awang.
9789812872272.pdf.jpg2015Blind Source SeparationXiang, Yong; Peng, Dezhong; Yang, Zuyuan; by Yong Xiang, Dezhong Peng, Zuyuan Yang.
9781461407577.pdf.jpg2014Digital image forensicsTaha, Husrev; Memon, N Asir D
9789814585668.pdf.jpg2014Electromagnetic Field Theories for EngineeringSalam, Md Abdus; by Md. Abdus Salam.
9789814560146.pdf.jpg2014Signal processing approaches to secure physical layer communications in multi-antenna wireless systemsHong, Peter Y -W; L An, P Ang-Ch Ang; Kuo, C -C J Ay; Chung-Chieh J Ay
9781447143451.pdf.jpg2014The value of RFIDUstundag, Alp
9781461434641.pdf.jpg2014CMOS receiver front-ends for gigabit short-range optical communicationsAzn Ar, Fr Ancisco; Celm A Pueyo, S Anti Ago; C Alvo L pez, Bel n
9781461434832.pdf.jpg2014Mobility-based time references for wireless sensor networksSebastiano, Fabio; Breems, Lucien; M Akinw A, Kofi A A
9781461442172.pdf.jpg2014Analog dithering techniques for wireless transmittersArf Aei M Alekz Adeh, Fo Ad; M Ahmoudi, Rez A; Roermund, Arthur H M van
9781461408185.pdf.jpg2014Robust SRAM designs and analysisSingh, Jawar; Moh Anty, S Ar Aju P; Pradhan, Dhiraj K