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Title: Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2013;13th International Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 24-27, 2013, Proceedings, Part I /
Authors: Murg Ante, Beni Amino
Misr A, S Anj Ay
C Arlini, M Aurizio
Torre, Carmelo M
Nguyen, Hong-Qu Ang
Taniar, David
Apduh An, Bern Ady O
Gerv Asi, Osv Aldo
Keywords: Computer Science;Computer Communication Networks;Software engineering;Computer software;Data mining;Computer simulation;Computer Science;Computer Communication Networks;Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity;Software Engineering;Simulation an;004.6 23;TK5105.5-5105.9
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg;Imprint Springer,
place: Berlin, Heidelberg
Series/Report no.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science,;0302-9743 ;;7971.;Lecture Notes in Computer Science,;0302-9743 ;;7971.
Abstract: The five-volume set LNCS 7971-7975 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2013, held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in June 2013. Apart from the general track, ICCSA 20
Description: Printed edition:;9783642396366.
Table Of Contents: Water (H2O)m or Benzene (C6H6)n Aggregates to Solvate the K+.-Using Vectorization and Parallelization to Improve the Application of the APH Hamiltonian in Reactive Scattering.-Multi Reference versus Coupled Cluster ab Initio Calculations for the N2 + N2 Reaction Channels.-A Theoretical Study of Formation Routes and Dimerization of Methanimine and Implications for the Aerosols Formation in the Upper Atmosphere of Titan.-Bonding Configurations and Observed XPS Features at the Hydrogen Terminated (100) Si Surface: What Can We Gain from Computational Chemistry.-Modeling the Intermolecular Interactions and Characterization of the Dynamics of Collisional Autoionization Processes.-Implementation of the ANSYS R Commercial Suite on the EGI Grid Platform.-An Efficient Taxonomy Assistant for a Federation of Science Distributed Repositories: A Chemistry Use Case.-Evaluation of a Tour-and-Charging Scheduler for Electric Vehicle Network Services.-An Adaptive Connection Scheduling Method Based on Yielding Relationship in FlashLinQ -- A Probabilistic Medium Access Scheme for D2D Terminals to Improve Data Transmission Performance of FlashLinQ.-Toward Smart Microgrid with Renewable Energy: An Overview of Network Design, Security, and Standards.-Cross-Layered OFDMA-Based MAC and Routing Protocol for Multihop Adhoc Networks.-Content-Based Chunk Placement Scheme for Decentralized Deduplication on Distributed File Systems.-Protecting Wireless Sensor Networks from Energy Exhausting Attacks.-Semantic Annotation of the CEREALAB Database by the AGROVOC Linked Dataset.-Management of Multiple and Imperfect Sources in the Context of a Territorial Community Environmental System.-Error Correction for Fire Growth Modeling.-An Ontological Approach to Meet Information Needs of Farmers in Sri Lanka -- Querying Spatial and Temporal Data by Condition Tree: Two Examples Based on Environmental Issues.-Contribution of Model-Driven Engineering to Crop Modeling.-Farmer Response towards the Initial Agriculture Information Dissemination Mobile Prototype.-On the Use of a Priori Knowledge in Pattern Search Methods: Application to Beam Angle Optimization for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy.-A Note on Totally Regular Variables and Appell Sequences in Hypercomplex Function Theory.-A Genetic Algorithm for the TOPdTW at Operating Rooms.-A Computational Study on Different Penalty Functions with DIRECT Algorithm.-Multilocal Programming: A Derivative-Free Filter Multistart Algorithm.-Performance Evaluation of Flooding Schemes on Duty-Cycled Sensor Networks: Conventional, 1HI, and 2HBI Floodings.-Formal Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems: Coping with Continuous Elements.-Implementation of Enhanced Android SPICE Protocol for Mobile Cloud.-The Permission-Based Malicious Behaviors Monitoring Model for the Android OS.-A Method for Cricket Bowling Action Classification and Analysis Using a System of Inertial Sensors.-A New Back-Propagation Neural Network Optimized with Cuckoo Search Algorithm.-Functional Link Neural Network - Artificial Bee Colony for Time Series Temperature Prediction.-A New Cuckoo Search Based Levenberg-Marquardt (CSLM) Algorithm.-Dynamic Context for Document Search and Recovery.-Multiscale Discriminant Saliency for Visual Attention.-A Memetic Algorithm for Waste Collection Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Conflicts.-Efficient Distributed Algorithm of Dynamic Task Assignment for Swarm Robotics.-Implementing an Interconnection Network Based on Crossbar Topology for Parallel Applications in MPSoC.-Modelling Higher Dimensional Data for GIS Using Generalised Maps.-Constructing and Modeling Parcel Boundaries from a Set of Lines for Querying Adjacent Spatial Relationships.-Tiling 3D Terrain Models.-Mining Serial-Episode Rules Using Minimal Occurrences with Gap Constraint.-Smoothing Kernel Estimator for the ROC Curve-Simulation Comparative Study.-Orthodontics Diagnostic Based on Multinomial Logistic Regression Model.-Vector-Projection Approach to Curve Framing for Extruded Surfaces.-Spatial Data Management for Energy Efficient Envelope Retrofitting.-Training on Laparoscopic Suturing by Means of a Serious Game.-Walking in a Virtual Town to Understand and Learning About the Lifein the Middle Ages.-Interactive Mesh Generation with Local Deformations in Multiresolution.-Online Analysis and Visualization of Agent Based Models.-Real-Time Fall Detection and Activity Recognition Using Low-Cost Wearable Sensors.-A New Approach for Animating 3D Signing Avatars.-A Real-Time Rendering Technique for View-Dependent Stereoscopy Based on Face Tracking.-Virtual Exhibitions on the Web: From a 2D Map to the Virtual World..
Format: XXXVI, 729 p. 317 illus.;online resource.;[electronic resource] :
Type Of Material: Book
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