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2011Effects of dibutyryl cyclic-AMP on survival and neuronal differentiation of neural stem/progenitor cells transplanted into spinal cord injured rats-
2010Experimental assessment of pro-lymphangiogenic growth factors in the treatment of post-surgical lymphedema following lymphadenectomy-
2008Bioengineering Neural Stem/Progenitor Cell-Coated Tubes for Spinal Cord Injury Repair-
2012Anti-amyloid-β-mediated positron emission tomography imaging in Alzheimer's disease mouse brains-
2012The effect of growth factors and soluble Nogo-66 receptor protein on transplanted neural stem/progenitor survival and axonal regeneration after complete transection of rat spinal cord-
2012The adult retinal stem cell is a rare cell in the ciliary epithelium whose progeny can differentiate into photoreceptors-
2016Encapsulation-free controlled release: Electrostatic adsorption eliminates the need for protein encapsulation in PLGA nanoparticles-
2015Naturally-derived and bioinspired materials-
2015Innovative use of the taxol binding peptide overcomes key challenges of stable and high drug loading in polymeric nanomicelles-
2015A Hyaluronan-Based Injectable Hydrogel Improves the Survival and Integration of Stem Cell Progeny following Transplantation-
2014Cyclosporin A enhances neural precursor cell survival in mice through a calcineurin-independent pathway-
2012Blood vessel hyperpermeability and pathophysiology in human tumour xenograft models of breast cancer: a comparison of ectopic and orthotopic tumours-
2006The relationship between pit chemistry and pit geometry near the critical pitting temperature-