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25-May-2011Fracture characterization of thin bonded asphalt concrete overlay systemsButtlar, William G.; Buttlar, William G.; Al-Qadi, Imad L.; Carpenter, Samuel H.; Dave, Eshan V.; Exline, Marvin K.
25-May-2011Defect engineering of polycrystalline titanium dioxide synthesized by atomic layer depositionSeebauer, Edmund G.; Seebauer, Edmund G.; Kenis, Paul J. A.; Schroeder, Charles M.; Li, Xiuling
26-May-2013Data trend mining for predictive systems designKim, Harrison H. M.; Kim, Harrison H. M.; Auvil, Loretta; Thurston, Deborah L.; Zhang, Yuanhui
25-May-2011Three dimensional slope stability analyses for natural and manmade slopesStark, Timothy D.; Stark, Timothy D.; Long, James H.; Olson, Scott M.; Tutumluer, Erol; Hungr, Oldrich; Chugh, Ashok K.
26-May-2013A Multi-layer Dependency Model for Analysis of Safety-critical Embedded SystemsSha, Lui R.
26-May-2013Lung disease diagnosis from gene expression profilesPrice, Nathan D.
26-May-2013Characteristic Modes for Impedance Matching and Broadbanding of Electrically Small AntennasBernhard, Jennifer T.; Bernhard, Jennifer T.; Cangellaris, Andreas C.; Franke, Steven J.; Jin, Jianming
25-May-2011Embedded hardware architecture for multi-parameter physiological signal monitoringIyer, Ravishankar K.
26-May-2013Query-index co-optimization executing query templates for complex text searchChang, Kevin C-C.
26-May-2013Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of nanometer scale metallic features on silicon surfacesLyding, Joseph W.; Lyding, Joseph W.; Abelson, John R.; Girolami, Gregory S.; Rockett, Angus A.; Shim, Moonsub
26-May-2013Filtering and refinement: a two-stage approach for efficient and effective anomaly detectionHan, Jiawei
26-May-2013New strategies for electronic design automation problemsWong, Martin D. F.; Wong, Martin D. F.; Hwu, Wen-Mei W.; Patel, Janak H.; Chen, Deming
26-May-2013Non-Intrusive Extension of a Generalized Finite Element Method for Multiscale Problems to the Abaqus Analysis PlatformDuarte, C. Armando
25-May-2011Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Quantitative Tractography of Skeletal Muscle for Microstructural Tissue CharacterizationGeorgiadis, John G.
25-May-2011Interfacial physics in meniscus-confined electrodeposition and its applications for fabricating electronic structuresYu, Min-Feng; Yu, Min-Feng; Ferreira, Placid M.; King, William P.; Kim, Kyekyoon
26-May-2013Increasing fuel cell run time by preventing precipitation of reactants or products in direct sodium borohydride fuel cellMiley, George H.
26-May-2013Scheduling of track inspection and maintenance activities in railroad networksOuyang, Yanfeng; Ouyang, Yanfeng; Acharya, Dharma; Barkan, Christopher P.L.; Benekohal, Rahim
25-May-2011Atomic structures of carbon nanomaterials studied by coherent electron diffractionZuo, Jian-Min; Zuo, Jian-Min; Abelson, John R.; Huang, Yonggang; Shim, Moonsub; Petrov, Ivan G.
26-May-2013Modeling audio and visual cues for real-world event detectionHasegawa-Johnson, Mark A.; Hasegawa-Johnson, Mark A.; Huang, Thomas S.; Levinson, Stephen E.; Downie, J. Stephen
1989Low temperature magneto-photoluminescence characterization of high purity gallium arsenide and indium phosphideStillman, Gregory E.