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2007Testing and Refining the Direct and Inferential Mediation Model of Reading Comprehension-
15-Apr-2016Student Gestures During Shifts from Descriptions to Explanations of Gas Pressure-
2-Dec-2015Exploring Japanese learners' perception, production, and beliefs concerning spoken English contractionsSadler, Randall; McCarthey, Sarah; Cole, Jennifer; Sadler, Misumi
Aug-2015Watering seeds: the socialization of African American adolescent male masculinityTrent, William
Aug-2015Saudi students and IEP teachers: converging and diverging perspectivesMarkee, Numa
Aug-2015Provision of services for young children with disabilities experiencing abuse and neglectSantos, Rosa Milagros; Santos, Rosa Milagros; Fowler, Susan A.; Greene, Jennifer C.; Meadan-Kaplansky, Hedda
Aug-2015Exemplary parent-school partnerships in transition from elementary to middle level: approaches of the middle level principalAlexander, Kern; Alexander, Kern; Anderson, James D.; Sloat, Linda; Welton, Anjale
2009Critical Folkdance Pedagogy: Women's Folkdancing as Feminist PracticeDarder, Antonia
Aug-2015On-the-fly assembled multistage adaptive testingChang, Hua-Hua; Chang, Hua-Hua; Anderson, Carolyn J.; Douglas, Jeffrey A.; Zhang, Jinming; Culpepper, Steven A.
Aug-2015African-American and Latino students' beliefs about knowledge and learningDavidson, Frederick G.; Harris, Violet J.; Hunter, Carla D.; Baber, Lorenzo
Aug-2015Bilingual education: selected principals' experiences with programs at their schoolsShields, Carolyn M.; Johnston-Parsons, Marilyn A.; DeNicolo, Christina P.; Sloat, Linda
Aug-2015Evaluating the effect of a staff training package for paraprofessionals to teach communicative behavior to students with special needsOstrosky, Michaelene M.; Ostrosky, Michaelene M.; Halle, James W.; DeThorne, Laura; Shogren, Karrie A.
2015The Effects of a Pressure Vest on Task Engagement, Challenging Behavior, and a Physiological Measure of Stress for a Child with Intellectual Disability-
1999The Use of Adaptive Leadership and Adaptive Learning Strategies in Organizations Facing Market ExtinctionWard, James G.
Aug-2015Un camino de conocimiento: a marimacha's meditation on an LGBTQ inclusive charter schoolMayo, Cris; Mayo, Cris; Brown, Ruth Nicole; Hood, Denice W.; Villenas, Sofia; Pillow, Wanda
May-2015The First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights to access equal information in America's public schoolsAnderson, James D.; Anderson, James D.; Alexander, S. Kern; Dixson, Adrienne D.; Sharpe, Jamelle C.; Trent, William T.
May-2015Engineering familia: the role of a professional organization in the development of engineering identities of Latina/o undergraduatesLoui, Michael C.; Baber, Lorenzo D.; Trent, William T.; Pawley, Alice
May-2015Unwanted guests: Black women who contemplated and then voluntarily terminated their non-faculty employment at predominantly White institutions of higher educationHood, Denice W.; Hood, Denice W.; Nettles, Saundra; Trent, William; Zerai, Assata
May-2015Models of success: African American males and their pathways toward enrollment in doctoral programs at a predominantly white institutionTrent, William T.; Trent, William T.; Anderson, James D.; Span, Christopher M.; Baber, Lorenzo
May-2015How generalists function as a community of practice in a community college one-stop student service centerBragg, Debra; Bragg, Debra; Cain, Timothy; Pak, Yoon; Rooney, Gail