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19-Dec-2015In Re: Academic input per 940 C.M.R. 34.00 daily fantasy sports contest operators in MA-
30-Nov-2015In Re: UIEGA approval-
4-Mar-2016In Re: Summary analysis for studying and detailing effects of proposed Golden Mesa Casino in Texas county on Oklahoma's Consumer Economy-
11-May-2015Illinois' budget solution: Make gambling insiders pay up and then grow the economy-
25-Mar-2015HR 707: Prof. Kindt answers to questions for the record-
Aug-2015Products and organizations, mirrors in a funhouse: three essays on the mirroring hypothesisMahoney, Joseph T.; Mahoney, Joseph T.; Miller, Douglas J.; Bercovitz, Janet E.L.; Somaya, Deepak
14-Sep-2015Expanded legalized gambling in Georgia will destroy future Georgia budgets and jeopardize students, teachers, and public employeesRob Tornoe; Robert Dorr; Nicole Ziegler Dizon; Eric Allie
3-Mar-2016In Re: Summary analysis of methodologies for studying and detailing effects of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos on Connecticut's consumer economy-
5-Apr-2006H.R. 4777: Testimony at Congressional Hearing on Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 2006-
27-Apr-2005House congressional hearing 2005 on tribes reservation shopping (prepared statement of Prof. John W. Kindt)-
25-Mar-2015H.R. 707: Prepared Statement of Prof. John Warren Kindt-
11-May-2016Daily fantasy sports: Hearing before the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade-
14-Apr-2016Testimony: Expansion of Illinois gambling will give away $billions to gambling's insiders, cannibalize the consumer economy, and decrease net tax revenues to Illinois Treasury-
Aug-2015Relational strategy, business scope, and firm performance: evidence from supplier-client relationships in knowledge-based servicesMahoney, Joseph T.; Somaya, Deepak; Leblebici, Huseyin; Chatain, Olivier
May-2015Applying systems-thinking to reduce check-the-box decisions in the audit of complex estimatesPeecher, Mark E.; Peecher, Mark E.; Bauer, Timothy; Gajendran, Ravi S.; Hecht, Gary
May-2015Promoting flexible idea generation in audit planning: the effects of counterfactual mindset and example provisionPeecher, Mark E.; Peecher, Mark E.; Chen, Clara Xiaoling; Trotman, Ken; Gajendran, Ravi S.
May-2015The effects of contract framing on misconductChen, Clara; Chen, Clara; Peecher, Mark; Autrey, Romana; Mahoney, Joseph
22-Jan-2017Two essays on product positioning and social mediaFang, Eric; Fang, Eric; Qualls, William J.; Shavitt, Sharon; Gajendran, Ravi S.
May-2015Essays on the relations between derivatives and underlying asset or commodity marketsPearson, Neil D.; Pearson, Neil D.; Johnson, Timothy C.; Pennacchi, George G.; Deuskar, Prachi
May-2015Firm life cycle and detection of accrual-based earnings manipulationLi, Laura Yue; Li, Laura Yue; Sougiannis, Theodore; Donohoe , Michael; Liang, Feng