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6-Apr-2010A computational approach to achieve situational awareness from limited observations of a complex systemAerospace Engineering
8-Mar-2010Computer simulations of realistic three-dimensional microstructuresMaterials Science and Engineering
8-Apr-2010Silicon-germanium devices and circuits for high temperature applicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering
5-Apr-2010Microsphere-mediated control of embryoid body microenvironmentsBiomedical Engineering
8-Apr-2010Efficient bit encoding in backscatter wireless systemsElectrical and Computer Engineering
31-Mar-2010The effect of hydrodynamic stress on plant embryo developmentMechanical Engineering
2-Apr-2010Dynamics of swirling flows induced by twisted tapes in circular pipesMechanical Engineering
6-Apr-2009Development of a computational image sensor with applications in integrated sensing and processingElectrical and Computer Engineering
16-Feb-2010Modeling cure depth during photopolymerization of multifunctional acrylatesChemical Engineering
5-Apr-2010Multiscale modeling of free-radical polymerization kineticsChemical Engineering
4-Dec-2009Design, simulation, and characterization toolset for nano-scale photonic crystal devicesElectrical and Computer Engineering
5-Apr-2010The influence of surface curvature on polymer behavior at inorganic surfacesMaterials Science and Engineering
8-Apr-2010A federated simulation approach to modeling port and roadway operationsCivil and Environmental Engineering
9-Jan-2009Single polymer composites made of slowly crystallizing polymerPolymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering
7-Apr-2010Dosimetric characterization of elongated brachytherapy sources using Monte Carlo methodsMechanical Engineering
1-Apr-2010Employing double-stranded DNA probes on colloidal substrates for competitive hybridization eventsMaterials Science and Engineering
31-Mar-2010Seismic performance evaluation of port container cranes allowed to upliftCivil and Environmental Engineering
7-Apr-2009Physical enhancement of transdermal drug delivery: polysaccharide dissolving microneedles and micro thermal skin ablationChemical Engineering
7-Apr-2010Site specific thermodynamic study of OH radical addition to DNA basesNuclear Engineering/Medical Physics
24-Mar-2010Redox signaling in an in vivo flow model of low magnitude oscillatory wall shear stressBiomedical Engineering