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2015Improvement of biomaterials properties using plasma-based technology-
2015Layered double hydroxide and metal organic framework nanoparticles for drug delivery and bioimaging-
2015Experimental investigation of cold atmospheric plasma jet for thin film deposition and supercapacitor electrodes-
2015First-principles studies of electronic delocalization in weak interaction systems-
2015Comprehensive dosimetric evaluation of intensity modulated radiotherapy for the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinomas-
2015One dimension nanostructures on titanium substrates : construction, adjustment and its multifunctionalization-
2012SiO and TiO₂ clusters : novel property and H₂O molecular decomposition predictions-
2013Modification of surface characteristics, electrochemical properties, and biocompatibility of magnesium by plasma-based technology-
2013Electron and spin transport in the graphene and superconductor junctions-
2012Synthesis, characterizations of new organic semiconductors and their application in organic electronic devices-
2013Spin-dependent quantum transport in graphene-
2015Novel applications of charge-transfer states in organic optoelectronic devices-
2014Metamaterials with low symmetries-
2015Generations of periodical nanopatterns by soft-mask assisted photolithography-
2015Uniform graphitic carbon nitride films : thermal vapor condensations and photoelectrochemical applications-
2013Predictive design of functional molecules and nanomaterials using ab initio molecular dynamics and electronic structure theories-
2013Morphology control of novel anodic TiO₂ nanomaterials and their energy- and environment- related applications-
2014Noble metallic nanomaterials for innovative nonvolatile memory devices-
2014Excited state molecular dynamic simulations of low-dimensional silicon structures-
2013Computer simulation on self-assembly of complex block copolymer in selective solvent-