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-Vertical mode expansion method for scattering of light by multiply layered photonic structures-
-Infinite divisibility of interpolated gamma powers and variance : GGC financial model-
-Universality of finger growth in Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities with all density ratios-
-A study on dynamical behavior for distributed networked systems under fault-
-Analytic studies on bifurcations of a hyperelastic layer-substrate structure under uniaxial compression-
-Asymptotic model equations and bifurcations analysis of compressible hyperelastic layer-
-Regime-switching control problems and related Markov chain approximation methods-
-New analysis of linearized numerical schemes for several nonlinear convection-diffusion equations and Schrödinger type system-
-Regularization for regression and ranking-
-Analytic studies on Martensitic transformations of a ni-ti shape memory alloy wire under uniaxial tension-
-Networked multi-agent consensus under imperfect communication and node failure-
-Analysis of linearized finite element methods for several nonlinear parabolic equations in physics and material sciences-
-Light scattering by dielectric and metallic cylindrical structures-
-Analytical and numerical studies on certain instabilities in slender structures based on gradient elasticity-
-Statistical learning algorithms under entropy criteria-
-Non-linear shell theory : a new approach-
-A study in networked distributed systems with communication constraints-
-Asymptotic expansion of discrete Chebyshev polynomials-
-Mathematical modeling and numerical study of multi-phase and multi-component flows in complex porous media-
-Numerical solution of partial differential eigenvalue problems with the tau method-