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2015Abusive supervision and proactive behavior : the role of organizational identification and positive affectivity-
2015How and when do job-knowledge characteristics and transformational leadership influence employee creativity? : cognitive evaluation and social exchange perspectives-
2013Managing an organizational change project in a complex system : an action research perspective-
2015Whose interests are directors pursuing? : a multi-country study-
2012Harmony motives as orientations in social exchange regulation-
2015What do you have to say? : the struggle between institutional forces and managerial attempts to restore corporate image across crisis situations-
2012Adaptation and affect : how employees' adaptive behavior and job-related emotions influence the relationship between leader behaviors and employee work outcomes-
2013Exploring the opposing mechanisms underlying the effects of psychological safety on organizational risk-taking behaviors-
2012Why, how, and when is trust central to transformational leadership? : a social exchange perspective-
2012Effects of supervisors' aggressive humor on employee strain and addictive behaviors-
2009Exploitative innovation and exploratory innovation in industrial clusters : moderating effects of different network ties-
2009The relationship between organizational authority-control and employees' proactive behavior : the moderating role of individual proactive personality-
2009Exploring the underlying mediating processes between intragroup conflict and team outcomes : a social information processing perspective-
2007Utilization of foreign knowledge by Chinese firms : effects of relationship- specific human capital and institutional externalities-
2011An integrative management model of knowledge sharing : case studies of knowledge-based SMEs in Hong Kong-
2010Dancing with your competitors : competitor alliances and market returns-
2011Structuring versus autocraticness : exploring a comprehensive model of authoritarian leadership-
2009A stress and coping perspective on creativity : a reward for creativity policy as a stressor in organizations-
2011Self-regulatory focus of leaders and follower creativity and performance : the enhancement effect of regulatory fit-
2007Individual creativity, job-related diversity and team creativity : the role of team communication-