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-Multi-word verbs in learner and native novice writing : a multi-corpora-based study-
-Applied genre analysis in professional contexts : discourses of and perspectives from IPO lawyers and reporting accountants-
-Writing beyond the nation : globality, aesthetics, and the Asian American novel, 2000-2010-
-The language of ideology in China's English press : representations of dissent-
-The effect of English competence, intercultural business communication competence, and organizational support for communication on Chinese expatriates' adjustment to overseas assignments-
-Beyond Hobson-Jobson : towards a new lexicography for Indian English-
-A vernacular rhetoric of anti-politics-
-Chinese scientists' English research articles in local and international publications : exploring the construction of writer identity-
-A study of the components of the involvement load hypothesis : how involvement load should be allocated to "Search" and "Evaluation"-
-Discourse-grammatical features in L2 speech : a corpus-based contrastive study of Chinese advanced learners and native speakers of English-
-The discourses and tales of Hong Kong scholars seeking research grant : a study in professional expertise-
-An applied genre analysis of civil judgments : the case of mainland China-
-The role of narrative in virtual communities : the case of Chinese students aspiring to study abroad-
-Foreign language speaking anxiety : an investigation of non-English majors in mainland China-
-The interrelation between linguistic and visual modes in school science : a study on a secondary 4 biology class in Hong Kong-
-Empowerment from Super Girls' Voice for female college students in China-
-Multiplied cultures and market information communication behaviours-
-A study of language choice and language shift among the Hakka-speaking population in Hong Kong, with a primary focus on Sha Tau Kok-
-The pragmatic development of hedging in EFL learners-
-A genre-based investigation of the discussion & conclusion sections of L2 Chinese social science doctoral theses-