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-Nonlinear behavior and temperature-dependence of frequency in silicon bulk-mode micromechanical resonators-
-Stable photonic microwave generation using semiconductor laser dynamics-
-Study of nanomaterial reinforced under bump metallization (UBM) and lead-free solder matrix for advanced electronic packaging-
-Memory-based hardware architectures for regular expression matching-
-Wideband magneto-electric dipole antennas for beyond 4G wireless communication systems-
-Two-way relaying in wireless cellular communications systems-
-Optical devices for mode-division multiplexing-
-Iterative channel estimation methods in large antenna systems-
-Low-cost dielectric polymer waveguiding platform for sub-millimeter wave applications-
-Design of millimeter-wave planar antenna arrays with substrate integrated waveguide feeds-
-Metal/carbon nanotube composite materials and their application in advanced electronic packaging-
-Optical waveguide gratings : phase retrieval and unidirectional coupling-
-Performance evaluation of long range dependent queues-
-Distributed arithmetic coding : theory and applications-
-Design and analysis of some new chaotic image encryption schemes-
-Spectral arithmetic and architecture for modular arithmetic in public-key cryptosystems-
-Heterogeneous distributed storage systems : modeling, optimization and coding-
-Customizable architectures for data-intensive bio-signal processing-
-Research on microwave and millimeter-wave microstrip antennas using printed and plated-through-hole technologies-
-Characterization and learning with structured objects in bioinformatics and chemoinformatics-