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-Development of Bayesian structural damage detection methodologies utilizing advanced Monte Carlo simulation-
-Experimental and numerical study of air distribution characteristics and thermal environment under stratum ventilation-
-Influence of occupant movements on room air distribution under stratum ventilation-
-Steady state responses of integer and fractional dynamic systems with nonlinear damping-
-Atomistic simulations on metallic and CNT-based hierarchical nanostructures-
-Optimization and application potential of liquid flow window-
-Nonlinear analysis of polymeric gels using moving least-squares based element-free methods-
-Bayesian ballast damage detection in consideration of uncertainties from measurement noise and modelling error-
-The spectral and dynamic stiffness methods in solid and structural mechanics-
-The relationship between indoor carbon dioxide and fine particulate matter (PM₂.₅) concentrations in mechanical ventilation system-
-CFD modelling of atmospheric boundary layer flow and wind effects on high-rise structures and tall buildings-
-Modeling of pedestrian behavioral dynamics in complex urban settings and built environment-
-Multi-level residue harmonic balance analysis for nonlinear multi-mode beam vibrations-
-Field measurement and wind tunnel study of wind effects on super-tall buildings-
-Effect of air terminals on the air distribution of stratum ventilation-
-Development of a novel intelligent approach for estimation of electrical power consumption in subway stations-
-Performance evaluations of façade integrated heat pipe systems-
-Study on the monitoring of pedestrian flow in transportation hub complex based on digital image processing-
-Numerical studies of static and dynamic behaviors of carbon nanostructures using a quasi-continuum approach-
-Fire behavior and mechanisms of flame-retardant unsaturated polyester resins by incorporation of novel phosphorus-containing comonomers-