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-The influences of industry clustering, social capital and knowledge sharing on technological innovation capability of small medium technology enterprises in Hong Kong Science Park-
-The contribution of customer knowledge to innovation and organizational performance : a dynamic capabilities perspective-
-Chinese product innovativeness : decomposing its dimensions and their relation with new product performance-
-Key determinants of the debt decisions of equity REITs : an exploratory analysis of Asia Pacific REITs debt structures with a focus on sponsors, external management, and the impact of financial crisis : evidence from Japan, Singapore, and Australia-
-Effects of initial trust in doctor, country of origin, word-of-mouth and price sensitivity on medication purchase intention of chronic disease patients in mainland China-
-A study of postgraduate program preference from brand experience perspective-
-An organizational development study of the impact of cultural factors on the implementation of the Six sigma methodology in southern China-
-The application of a port e-commerce community system : the western harbor of Shenzhen Port-
-Ownership structure and IPO underpricing : evidence from private listed companies in China-
-Successful implementation of electronic finance : a case study of supply chain in China and Hong Kong-
-Critical success factors for suppliers in the implementation of operations outsourcing in telecommunnications-
-Managing currency options in financial institutions with Vanna-Volga method-
-The delivery of financial consultation services to premier customers : an empirical study on interactive e-Channel-
-Information agent's role in shaping investor behaviors and global financial market quality-
-Modification of values for investment companies at big events-
-Firm survival and success in environmental jolts : a resilience perspective and evidence from Hong Kong manufacturing firms-
-The application of SURE model in operational risk management of container terminals-
-An exploratory study in strategy formulation of new generation container port-
-An empirical study of the critical survival factors in Hong Kong's retail fund market : the case of Value Partners Group Limited in Hong Kong-
-Factors influencing an entrepreneur's motivation to develop alternative fuel vehicles : evidence from China-