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-Controlling the morphology of core-shell nanoparticles-
-Hydrogen evolution involved electrodeposition of Cu-Ni alloys and dealloying for supercapacitor application-
-Stability of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles in different media-
-3-APTES modified graphene oxide strengthened dissolving polymer microneedle arrays for transdermal delivery-
-Effects of different annealing temperatures on the structures and magnetic properties of Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloy-
-Study of reflectivity calculation errors in FDTD method with large angles of incidence-
-Diffusion of gold nanoparticle in water and toluene-
-Ni-free shape memory alloys (SMA) for biomedical application-
-Preparation and piezoelectric properties of modified Ba(Zr0.06T0.94)O3–x(Ba0.91Ca0.09)TiO3 – origin of piezoelectricity: perspective from phase transition-
-Numerical simulation and characterization of photonic/plasmonic devices-
-Arrays of ZnO nanowires for photovoltaic devices-
-Biophysics of alpha particles in zebrafish embryos (in vivo)-
-Electrochemical performance of Li(NMC)O2 cathode materials for Li-ion batteries-
-Study of nanomaterials strengthened dissolving polymer microneedles-
-Light emitting diodes based on ZnO nanowires-
-Super-hard coatings with materials based on ternary AlMgB matrices-
-Ni-free Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) for biomedical application-
-Studying the effects of alpha particles on zebrafish embryos with the help of CR-39 nuclear track detectors-
-Controlled synthesis and characterization of one-dimensional II-VI nanomaterials-
-Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires and Silicon Nanowire Based Field Effect Transistor-