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-The study of historic building conservation policy and measure: a comparison between Hong Kong and Macau-
-A case study of collaborated design process in façade subcontract package-
-Time-cost-quality tradeoff problem solving with genetic algorithm-
-Fire safety provisions and evacuation strategy for supertall residential building in Hong Kong-
-The behavior of FRP-confined short concrete columns subjected to eccentric loading-
-Densification potential in Hong Kong neighborhoods-
-Estimates of the influence of urban highway investment in deindustrialization: office property value impacts in Hong Kong, 2002-2013-
-Detection of damage on structural connections of steel frames based on vibration measurement-
-The impact of the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance on the construction industry: market concentration & entry barriers analysis-
-The influence of different shoes and different flooring materials on particle resuspension-
-Bistability of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite plates-
-Effect of initial curing (no curing, 3, 7 days curing) on shear bond strength (test at 7, 28 days after demoulding) of cement sand manufacturing sand (MS) mortar-
-What makes the more habitable high-rise, high-density residential environment in the future of Hong Kong?-
-Construction delay claims and risk management from the owners' perspective-
-The effects of curing conditions on mortars using glass powder as cement replacement material-
-Structural damage detection of three-dimensional framed structures via experimental measured modal parameters-
-A study on voluntary turnover and love of money-
-Design and development of construction safety planning model for BIM in Hong Kong construction industry-
-The development of mobile app (i-Safe) for safety and risk assessment in civil & building construction site-
-Investigation of the most feasible and sustainable solid waste treatment for Hong Kong-