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-Queensland's Bible in State Schools Referendum 1910: A Case Study of DemocracyDepartment of History
-Corruption in Evidence: Policing Starting- Price Betting in 1930s NSWDepartment of History
-A prototype database schema developed in Heurist enabling performance events and bibliographical entities to be interrogated in an integrated software environment, created as part of the ARC DECRA-funded project Religious Nonconformity and Performance in Britain (c. 1620-1680)-
-Bearing Responsibility:Reconceiving RU486 and the regulation of women's reproductive decisionsDepartment of Gender and Cultural Studies
-Analysing Finance and Production in the Contemporary Capitalist EraDepartment of Political Economy
-Achieving Justice and Seeking Truth: The Evolution of International Criminal TribunalsDepartment of History
-Jobs, again-
-Selfish, Timid, Tories: Boston in the American Revolutionary War, 1776- 1777.Department of History
-A Free Choice to Trust: An Essay on the Necessary Requirement for Freedom of Choice in Interpersonal TrustDepartment of Philosophy
-Convict Geographies of Early Colonial SydneyDepartment of History
-A 'metamorphosis of perspectives on the past': A Study of the Hyde Park Barracks, 1975-2012.Department of History
-The Australian National History Curriculum: Politics at PlayDepartment of History
-On the Compatibility of Presentism and our most fundamental Physics.Department of Philosophy
-Maintaining the 'Australian Way of Life': President Johnson's 1966 visit and its implications for national culture.Department of History
-The International Criminal Court: Mapping the Politics of Myth Construction on the "Road to Rome"Department of History
-The Smallest Institute of All: Sociology, Class and the Politics of Knowledge in post-war BritainDepartment of History
-A New Approach to the Coherence Theory of TruthDepartment of Philosophy
-'The Question Must Be Wrought Out': Middle-class debates over working-class and female education reform in Britain, 1860-1890.Department of History
-Destroying Sodom in the South Pacific: How the terror of sodomy was invoked to end convict transportation to New South Wales c.1837.Department of History