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-Sparse network equivalent based on time-domain fitting-
-Unconditionally secure key distillation from multiphotons-
-Quantum key distribution based on arbitrarily weak distillable entangled states-
-Periodic finite-difference time-domain analysis of loaded transmission-line negative-refractive-index metamaterials-
-Calculation of transmission line transients using polar decomposition-
-Joint time-frequency and finite-difference time-domain analysis of precursor fields in dispersive media-
-Efficient modeling of microwave integrated-circuit geometries via a dynamically adaptive mesh refinement - FDTD technique-
-Periodic FDTD analysis of leaky-wave structures and applications to the analysis of negative-refractive-index leaky-wave antennas-
-An efficient numerical interface between FDTD and Haar MRTD - Formulation and applications-
-Identifying urban boundaries: Application of remote sensing and geographic information system technologies-
-A robust approach for system identification in the frequency domain-
-Application of vector fitting to state equation representation of transformers for simulation of electromagnetic transients-
-Practical decoy state for quantum key distribution-
-Decoy state quantum key distribution-
-Experimental quantum key distribution with decoy states-
-Performance of two quantum-key-distribution protocols-
-Inefficiency and classical communication bounds for conversion between partially entangled pure bipartite states-
-Effect of clock and carrier frequency offsets on the performance of a direct-sequence spread-spectrum multiple-access system-
-Harmonic domain periodic steady state modeling of power electronics apparatus: SVC and TCSC-
-A Tight Lower Bound on the Classical Communication Cost of Entanglement Dilution-