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-Nuclear emergency preparedness model based on Daya Bay Nuclear Power stations for educational purposesLeung, JKC
-Positron annihilation spectroscopy studies of 6H N-type silicon carbide and Zn-doped P-type gallium antimonideFung, SHY; Ling, FCC
-Study of the giant electroresistance in epitaxial thin films of La0.9Sr0.1MnO3Gao, J
-Growth, doping and nanostructures of gallium nitrideDjurisic, A; Xie, MH
-Heteroepitaxial growth of InN and InGaN alloys on GaN(0001) by molecular beam epitaxyWu, HS; Xie, MH
-Fabrication and characterization of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures-
-Variation of the fine structure constant in 5D Kaluza-klein theoryCheng, KS
-Studies of impurities and vortices in high temperaturesuperconductorsWang, Z
-Electronic states and optical properties of GaAs/AIGaAs and GaInP/AlGaInP quantum wells-
-Some studies of structural and point defects in gallium nitride and their influence in determining the properties of the bulk material,its Schottky contacts, P-N junctions and heterostructuresBeling, CD; Fung, SHY
-A search for periodic neutrino signals and gamma-ray burst neutrinos with the Sudbury Neutrino ObservatoryPun, JCS
-Preparation and post-annealing effects on the optical properties of indium tin oxide thin films-
-Quantum transport through a C48N12 based nanodeviceWang, J
-Construction of a positron-lifetime spectrometer and its application to studying electron irradiation induced defects in 6H siliconcarbideLing, FCC
-Acceptor defects in P-type gallium antimonide materials-
-Adhesion of carbon and carbon related hard filmsGao, J
-Direct determination of the 6H-SiC(0001)-3X3 and 6H-Sic(0001)-[square root] 3 x [square root] 3 surface reconstruction by LEED Pattersonfunction-
-Acoustic surveys of the sea floor near Hong Kong-
-The two gallium vacancy-related defects in undoped gallium antimonideLing, FCC
-An analysis of electrical transport and magnetic susceptibility properties of YBa2Cu3O7-[delta] and La2-xSrxCuO4 high Tcsuperconductors-