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-Moment maps at the quantum level-
-Circulant preconditioners for failure prone manufacturing systems-
-The D-resultant, singularities and the degree of unfaithfulness-
-Some new weighted hardy-type inequalities for vector-valued functions-
-Nonexistence theorems for Yang-Mills fields and harmonic maps in the Schwarzschild spacetime (II)-
-Optimal strategies in equity securities and derivatives-
-On holomorphic immersions into Kahler manifolds of constant holomorphic sectional curvature-
-Moments of the probability density functions of error terms in divisor problems-
-Hamilton paths in toroidal graphs-
-On Hopf algebras with positive bases-
-New realizations of the maximal satake compactifications of riemannian symmetric spaces of noncompact type-
-Positive solution for m-point boundary value problems-
-On the C0-semigroup generation and exponential stability resulting from a shear force feedback on a rotating beam-
-Generalized PSK in space-time coding-
-Periodic solutions for p-Laplacian differential equation with multiple deviating arguments-
-Acyclic digraphs with the Gallai-Milgram-Linial property for clique-covers-
-On the Mathai-Quillen formalism of topological sigma models-
-A three-dimensional spherical nonlinear interface dynamo-
-The expansion of a semigroup and a Riesz basis criterion-
-Superresolution Image Reconstruction from Blurred Observations by Multisensors-