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-Alkaline-catalyzed production of biodiesel fuel from virgin canola oiland recycled waste oilsLeung, YC
-A customer responsive model for managing the clothing industry supply chain in China's Pearl River Delta-
-Structure comparison in bioinformaticsTing, HF
-Improved analysis of flow time schedulingLam, TW
-A methodology for resolving multiple vehicle occlusion in visual traffic surveillanceYung, NHC
-Digital image processing-based numerical methods for mechanics of heterogeneous geomaterialsYue, QZQ
-Nanoindentation of viscoelastic materialsLu, WW; Ngan, AHW
-Retrofitting of reinforced concrete coupling beams by bolted side steel plates for strength and deformabilitySu, KL
-3D reconstruction and camera calibration from circular-motion image sequencesHung, YS
-Development of an integrated haptic interface for computer aided product designChen, KZ
-Device optimization studies of organic light emitting devicesNg, TS; Choy, WCH
-Advanced query processing on spatial networksCheung, DWL; Mamoulis, N
-A taxonomy of strategic practices: an empirical investigation of manufacturing firms in the PRD-
-Development and validation of a design method coupling block theory and three-dimensional discontinuous deformation analysisLee, CF
-Effects of confinement and small axial load on flexural ductility of high-strength reinforced concrete beamsAu, FTK; Kwan, AKH
-On the computation and power of goodness-of-fit testsTsang, WW
-Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete beam-column joints using glass fibre reinforced polymer sheetsAu, FTK; Pam, HJ
-Effective partial ontology mapping in a pervasive computing environmentLau, FCM; Wang, CL
-Incorporating fuzzy membership functions and gap analysis concept intoperformance evaluation of engineering consultants: Hong Kong studyNg, TST
-A continuum modeling approach to traffic equilibrium problemsWong, SC