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-From Silent Film to Blue Movies: The Rise and Fall of Yau Ma Tei Theatre-
-From ‘Moderne’ to ‘Modern’: 20th-Century Architectural Heritage-
-100+ Years of Very Hong Kong Architecture-
-Chinese Renaissance Architecture: The Ideology behind the Aesthetics-
-The dynamics of office markets : the case of Seoul-
-From Countryside to Metropolis-
-The Colonial Architectural Heritage of the Central District: The Urban Infrastructural Basis of Today’s Hong Kong-
-The Historical Development of Hong Kong’s Healthcare Facilities from an Architectural Heritage Perspective-
-The Design of Museum Architecture: Aesthetics and Ideology-
-Moving Forward in Public-Private Partnership: The Role of NGOs in Cultural Heritage Conservation in Hong Kong-
-Place Specific Designs for Shenzhen’s Urban Villages-
-The Future of the 'Bi-city' Biennale for Hong Kong and Shenzhen-
-Special Symposium Session: Children Risk and Natural Disasters-
-Architecture of Artifacts: Excerpts of a Diaspora Manifesto-