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-A Monte Carlo Study of Alternative Estimates of the Cobb-Douglas Production Function: A Rejoinder-
-A Monte Carlo Study of Alternative Estimates of the Cobb-Douglas Production Function-
-Incentive-Centered Design for User-Contributed ContentSchool of Information; Department of Economics; Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; Annenberg School, University of Southern California; Ann Arbor
-Formulation and Estimation of Production Function Models-
-Principal International BusinessesEconomics, Department of; Ann Arbor
-Estimation of Standard Errors of the Characteristic Roots of Dynamic Econometric Models-
-Using uncensored communication channels to divert spam trafficSchool of Information and Dept. of Economics, University of Michigan; Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Ann Arbor
-Estimates of the Cobb-Douglas Production Function: A Reappraisal-
-Autonomous Expenditures versus Money Supply: An Application of Dynamic-
-Determinants of Investment Behavior: United States Railroads, 1872-1941-
-Ridge Regression Under Alternative Loss Criteria-
-An Econometric Model of Australia, 1948-61-
-Multiple Minima in the Estimation of Models with Autoregressive Disturbances-
-Criteria for Evaluation of Econometric Models-
-The Dynamics of Household Budget Allocation to Food Expenditures-
-Interindustry Wage Differentials in Australia, 1947-54-
-A Lack-of-fit Test for Econometric Applications to Cross-section Data-
-A General Procedure for Obtaining Maximum Likelihood Estimates in Generalized Regression Models-
-Why Do Spouses Hide IncomeWorld Bank; Ann Arbor
-Are women more likely to be credit constrained? Evidence from low-income households in the PhilippinesThe World Bank; Ann Arbor