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-A Flexible Hierarchical Model-Based Control Methodology for Vehicle Active Safety Systems.Gordon, Timothy J.; Peng, Huei; Sun, Jing; Ulsoy, A. Galip
-The Challenge of Temptation: Desire, Emotion, and Stability.Joyce, James M.; Anderson, Elizabeth S.; Lavaque-Manty, Mika T.; Railton, Peter A.
-Health Services, Schools, Attitudes, and Contraceptive Use: Tests of a Theoretical Model Among Rural Nepalese.Axinn, William G.; Barber, Jennifer S.; Murphy, Susan; Thornton, Arland D.
-Technologies of Mettle: The Acting Self and the Early Modern English Culture of Metals.Traub, Valerie J.; Carson, John S.; Parrish, Susan Scott; Schoenfeldt, Michael C.
-Knowledge Sharing, Maintenance, and Use in Online Support Communities.Resnick, Paul J.; Ackerman, Mark Steven; Richardson, Caroline R.; Rieh, Soo Young
-Nitric Oxide Generating Polymers (NOGPs).Meyerhoff, Mark E.; Johnson, Marc J.; Lee, Kyung-Dall; Sanford, Melanie
-Detecting and Monitoring the Formation of Biological Nanoassemblies with Resistive-Pulse Sensing.Mayer, Michael; Hunt, Alan J.; Kotov, Nicholas; Wise, Kensall D.
-Essays in Education and Labor Economics.Lam, David A.; Levinsohn, James A.; Brown, Charles C.; McCrary, Justin Reed
-Realization-Preserving Simplification and Reduction of Dynamic System Models at the Graph Level.Stein, Jeffrey L.; Epureanu, Bogdan I.; Fathy, Hosam K.; Hulbert, Gregory M.; Kabamba, Pierre Tshimanga
-Multi-Scale Modeling of Antigen Presentation With Applications to Tuberculosis.Kirschner, Denise E.; Linderman, Jennifer J.; Burns Jr, Daniel M.; Raghavan, Malini
-Brownian Dynamics Simulations of Dilute Polymer Solutions with EntanglementsLarson, Ronald G.; Falk, Michael; Glotzer, Sharon C.; Solomon, Michael J.
-Changing Primary Production and Biomass in Heterogeneous Landscapes: Estimation and Uncertainty Based on Multi-Scale Remote Sensing and GIS Data.Bergen, Kathleen M.; Brown, Daniel G.; Ellsworth, David S.; Ruf, Christopher
-Egos Inflating over Time: Rising Narcissism and its Implications for Self-Construal, Cognitive Style, and Behavior.Bushman, Brad J.; Burson, Katherine Alicia; Schwarz, Norbert W.; Winter, David G.
-Discovery and Characterization of Recurrent Gene Fusions in Prostate Cancer.Cho, Kathleen; Chinnaiyan, Arul M.; Giordano, Thomas J.; Kumar, Anuj; Lieberman, Andrew P.
-Receptor Regulation of Volume-Sensitive Osmolyte Efflux from Neural Cells.Fisher, Stephen K.; Esteban, Jose A.; Gnegy, Margaret E.; Keep, Richard F.; Sunahara, Roger
-Architecting Energy Efficient Servers.Mudge, Trevor N.; Mahlke, Scott; Reinhardt, Steven K.; Sylvester, Dennis M.
-Thermomechanical Analysis of a Damaged Thermal Protection System.Friedmann, Peretz P.; Waas, Anthony M.; Cesnik, Carlos E.; Epureanu, Bogdan I.
-Mechanisms of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor (CRF) Gene Regulation in the Frog Xenopus laevis.Denver, Robert J.; Duan, Cunming; Raymond, Pamela A.; Seasholtz, Audrey F.
-Mechanisms of Human Gene Evolution.Zhang, Jianzhi; Long, Jeffrey C.; Mindell, David P.; Tucker, Priscilla K.
-Roles of the Unfolded Protein Response in Cultured Cells and Transgenic Murine Models.Kaufman, Randal J.; Fuller, Robert S.; Ginsburg, David; Meisler, Miriam H.; Saltiel, Alan R.; Xu, Zhaohui