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-Modelling the domains of maternal quality of life in a sample of additional support needs adolescents, with particular reference to autism spectrum disorder-
-The Advantage of Immature Cognitive Control: Can Children Perform Better in Predictive Condition?-
-Assessing resilience and its relation with personality-
-Personality and Multisensory Integration-
-The diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and behavioural variant Frontotemporal Dementia using The Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test-
-Disruptive and Beneficial Cross-Modal Effects of Speech and Rhythm on Working Memory: Disentangling Rhythmic Entrainment and Irrelevant Sound Effects-
-Attachment as a mediator between childhood emotional maltreatment and adulthood regulation in positive emotion-
-Comparison of the impact of a course of computerised cognitive rehabilitation program (RehaCom) versus playing a simple computer game (Solitaire) in improving attention in healthy adults-
-The effect of cross-modal dual-task demands on object localisation and identification in visual search: An ERP study-
-The association between socioeconomic status and cognitive development in children is partly mediated by a chaotic home atmosphere-
-The effect of emotion words on linguistic encoding: evidence for holistic attentional processing of threatening stimuli-
-The effect of cooperation and competition on executive functions across childhood-
-Peripersonal space around the lower limbs: remapping of space by action planning-
-Using neural entropy to model relational learning in auditory perception-
-Where you come from, and where you’re going: attention and action in manual aimingMcIntosh, Robert; Gherri, Elena; other
-Lifestyle factors and cognitive ageing in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936: exploring the role of confounding by prior cognitive abilityDeary, Ian; other
-Studies of non-native language processing: behavioural and neurophysiological evidence, and the cognitive effects of non-balanced bilingualismBak, Thomas; Nieuwland, Mante; Pickering, Martin; other
-Musical prediction in the performer and the listener: evidence from eye movements, reaction time, and TMSPickering, Martin; Sturt, Patrick; Moran, Nikki; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
-Neuropsychology of accelerated long-term forgetting in temporal lobe epilepsyDella Sala, Sergio; Zeman, Adam; Dewar, Michaela; Butler, Christopher; other
-Understanding optimismBates, Timothy; Weiss, Alexander