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-How do Rap and Connected Speech Differ? A case study in support of current literature-
-Unbalanced bilingualism in Ireland and its effects on executive function-
-The Struggle to Disambiguate between Metaphor and Metonymy: A Diachronic Study of Taboo Terms in English-
-Consumer attitudes towards English advertising in EFL countries-
-Beth yw'r ots gennyf i am Gymru? Exploring the links between language and national identity in Wales-
-Kitty Cat and Bunny Rabbit: An Exploration of the Linguistic, Affective and Socializing Functions of Wordplay in Child Directed Speech-
-F0 perturbation induced by succeeding consonants-
-Literally as a Pragmatic Marker in Spontaneous Spoken Discourse-
-An Electromagnetic Articulography Perspective on '/t,d/ Deletion'-
-How does having a unilateral brain injury affect children's language development: morphosyntactic progression between the ages of 2;6 and 3;6?-
-Introductions in Narrative: An Analysis of Referential Expressions in Adolescents with Specific Language Impairment-
-A corpus based study on the relationship between <u>, <v> and <w> in Early Scots (1380-1500)-
-Getting the gist of just: a collapse of the senses-
-Signing with myself : a study of the importance of a co-communicator in the emergence of structure in a language-
-An analysis of innovative denominal adjectival constructions derived from proper names-
-Ideologies and Outcomes in Academic Yiddish Language Planning, 1900-1935-
-A comparison of Scottish peoples' speech and their language on Twitter-
-Cross-linguistic influence in simultaneous bilingual acquisition of tense: the effects of Chinese and Tamil-
-"Can you meet me half way?" : A Study into Common Ground and the Modality of Communication-
-Talk like a man: Interpreting Hillary Clinton's linguistic variation during two presidential campaigns-