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-Brightness of brightness: Seeing Celtic shamanismGillies, William
-‘I Shop, Therefore I Am: Consumerism and the Mass Media in the Novels of Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, Bret Easton Ellis and Douglas CouplandMillard, Ken
-Poetics TodayMills, S
-Christine de Pizan: A Publisher's Progress-
-French Urban Space: 1. Arriving in the City-
-L'intégration des outils télématiques stimulant l'éducation interculturelle et la recherche sur les arts au sein d'un groupe d'universités européennesMarquet, Pascal
-Approaching French Language Literature in Canadian Studies-
-The Design & Integration of Web-Based Resources in the Modern Languages Curriculum-
-Gavin Hamilton, John Balfour and Patrick Neill: a study of publishing in Edinburgh in the Eighteenth Century.-
-On Bonnefoy-
-Designing a Digital Version of British Library, Harley MS 4431van Hemelryck, Tania
-Using JavaScript to simulate formative assessment questioning in web-based open learning materialsBruce, Anne; Valcke, Martin
-The POETICA Project-
-Baudelaire for Net Surfers: French Studies and the Internet-
-Identity and Narration in Chris Marker's La Jetée and the Appearance of the Internet as a Symptom of Cold-War AnxietyRibiere, Mireille; Baetens, Jan
-Lire L'empire des signes de Barthes comme écriture de voyageKaniike, Yoichi