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28-Jun-2016Development of provincial Toryism in the British urban context, c.1815-1832Pentland, Gordon; Dickinson, Harry
2010To content and pay : women's economic roles in Edinburgh, Haddington and Linlithgow, 1560-1640-
28-Jun-2016Revolutionary Governorship: the evolution of executive power in Virginia, 1758-1781Cogliano, Frank; Dickinson, Harry; Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
28-Jun-2016Heads North or East? A re-examination of Beaker Burials in BritainLeighton, Robert; Sheridan, Alison; Midgley, Magdalena; other
28-Jun-2016Agent based predictive models in archaeologyCrow, Jim; Ralston, Ian
1994Monks and aristocrats: church and society in Lombard principalities of Southern Italy 774-981-
1972Historical works of Jon Espolin and his contemporaries: aspects of Icelandic historiography-
1994Recording and archaeological potential of tool marks on prehistoric worked wood: with special reference to Oakbank Crannog, Loch Tay, Scotland-
1994Chronicle and career of George Chastelain (c.1415-1475) : a study in the political and historical culture of the court of Burgundy-
1995Transformation of the Russian military: the relationship between the transformation process and the concept of future war-
1995Function of command: the Defense Intelligence Agency, 1961-1969-
1995Not without the highest justice : the origins and development of Thomas Reid's political thought-
1994Egyptian core-glass vessels of the New Kingdom: manufacture and significance-
1996Analysis of variability in simple core technologies: case studies of chipped stone technology in post-PPN assemblages from the Levant-
1912History of the island of Rhodes-
1997Self-education of Cyrus: a literary commentary on Book 1 of Xenophon's Cyropaedia-
1996Soviet strategic intentions 1965-1985; an analytical comparison of US cold war interpretations and Soviet post-cold war testimonial evidence-
1994David Hume of Godscroft : his life and work-
1992Application of geographic information systems to archaeological intra-site recording and analysis : a case study of the Kissonerga Chalcolithic site, Cyprus-
1983On their children's backs: Technological change in the Fife coal industry, 1750-1914-