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2005Pharmaceutical Retention Mechanisms by Nanofiltration Membranes-
2006Public perception of desalinated versus recycled water in Australia-
2005Membranes and renewable energy — a new era of sustainable development for developing countries-
2007Renewable Energy Powered Membrane Technology. 1. Development and Characterization of a Photovoltaic Hybrid Membrane System-
2005Nanofiltration of hormone mimicking trace organic contaminants-
2006Bisphenol A retention in the direct ultrafiltration of greywater-
2010DNAPL remediation of fractured rock evaluated via numerical simulationGerhard, Jason; Kueper, Bernard
2007Occurrence of pharmaceutically active and non-steroidal estrogenic compounds in three different wastewater recycling schemes in Australia-
2005A performance comparison of individual and combined treatment modules for water recycling-
2005Testing of a hybrid membrane system for groundwater desalination in an Australian national park-
2010Nutrient removal with integrated constructed wetlands: microbial ecology and treatment performance evaluation of full-scale integrated constructed wetlandsScholz, Miklas
2006Relevance of the precautionary principle in water recycling-
2006Role of electrostatic interactions in the retention of pharmaceutically active contaminants by a loose nanofiltration membrane-
2010Micropollutants in Water Recycling: A Case Study of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) Exposure from Water versus Food-
2007Desalination using electrodialysis as a function of voltage and salt concentration-
2009The role of NOM fouling for the retention of estradiol and ibuprofen during ultrafiltration-
2006Critical risk points of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis processes in water recycling applications-
2006Fouling in greywater recycling by direct ultrafiltration-
2006A new approach to increasing diversity in engineering at the example of women in engineering-
2009Desalinated versus recycled water — public perceptions and profiles of the accepters-