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2-Jan-2016Headed span theory in the finite state calculus-
22-Jul-2013A web application for filtering and annotating web speech data-
2015Representing Focus Scoping over New-
29-Oct-2013Harvesting speech datasets for linguistic research on the web-
26-Feb-2016Acoustic Classification of Focus: On the Web and in the Lab-
6-Dec-2015Possible worlds semantics for pictures-
15-Dec-2012Applying Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics to Co-reference in Picture Sequences-
2012On modal interpretations of the French conditionnel-
4-Jul-2009Second occurrence focus and relativized stress F-
2-Jun-2011A recursive phonology interface for WH-F alternative semantics-
19-Feb-2012Circumstantial and Temporal Dependence in Counterfactual Modals-
2-Jul-2009Web Harvest of Minimal Intonational Pairs-
1985Association with Focus-
2-Jun-2011Acoustic classification of focus in a web corpus of comparatives-
30-Jun-2009Experiments on the Role of the Question Under Discussion for Ambiguity Resolution and Implicature Computation in Adults-
5-Jul-2009A corpus search methodology for focus realization-
2011Second Occurrence Focus and the Acoustics of Prominence-
30-Jun-2009Negative Adjectives and Transformation Values-
30-Jun-2009Unifying if-conditionals and unconditionals-
30-Jun-2009Presupposition Projection: the New Debate-