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2017Ethnic Policies toward the Viet-Cambodians and Sino-Cambodians in the People’ s Republic of Kampuchea, 1979-1989-
2016About the Cornell Historical Society-
2017Redefining Henry Laurens-
2017Chinese Chicago from 1893 to 1943: Cultural Assimilation, Social Acceptance, and Chinese-American Identity through the Lens of Interracial Relations and Class-
2017About the Cornell Historical Society-
2017Acknowledgements, Editorial Board, On the Writers, Table of Contents (Spring 2017)-
2017From the Editors-
2017Public Law and Private Life: Edict d’ Henri II, Abandoned Women and Putative Fathers under the Ancien Régime-
2017Americans on the Defense Team in the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, 1946--1948: Understanding the Mentality Behind Defending the “ Enemy”-
2016Turning Papist: Anti-Papist Rhetoric in New England, 1754-1781-
2014“You Should Meet My New Girlfriend, She’s Six Feet Tall”: The Story of Rayful Edmond III-
2014About the Cornell Historical Society-
2014Peace, Stability, Strength, and Tradition: The Façade Of Nazi Identity At The 1937 Paris Exposition-
2014Monarchy to Empire: Comparing Men’s High Court Fashion 1785-1792 and 1799-1814-
2014Méndez V. Westminster: The Harbinger Of Brown V. Board-
2016From the Editors-
2016Portraits of Kraków’s Places and People: Reconciling Cultural Identity and Modernity at the Turn of the Century-
2016Acknowledgements, Editorial Board, On the Writers, Table of Contents (Spring 2016)-
2016The Ford Administration and Gun Control: A Moderate Conservative’s Road to Nowhere-