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21-Nov-2006Social norms and the law-
21-Nov-2006Paradoxes of Game Theory-
21-Nov-2006The role of norms and law in economics: An essay on political economy-
21-Nov-2006The global child labor problem-
21-Nov-2006Participatory Equity and Economic Development-
21-Nov-2006Stackelberg equilibrium in oligopoly-
21-Nov-2006Punctuality: A cultural trait as equilibrium-
21-Nov-2006Methodological Individualism-
21-Nov-2006Industrial Organization Theory and Development Economics-
21-Nov-2006Global Labour Standards and Local Freedoms-
21-Nov-2006Rural Credit and Interlinkage-
21-Nov-2006Globalisation and Babool Gum-
21-Nov-2006Utility Measurement-
21-Nov-2006Isolated and proximate illiteracy-
21-Nov-2006Implicit interest rates, usury and isolation in backward agriculture-
21-Nov-2006Fuzzy Revealed Preference Theory-
30-Aug-2006International credit and welfare: A paradoxical theorem and its policy implications-
30-Aug-2006Consumer Cognition and Pricing in the Nines of Oligopolistic Markets-
11-Oct-2006Racial Conflict and the Malignancy of Identity-
30-Aug-2006Gender and Say: A Model of Household Behaviour with Endogenously Determined Balance of Power-