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1963Expenditure control in less-developed countries with special reference to India-
25-Jun-2016Essays in game theory and bankruptcyThomas, Jonathan; Kawamura, Kohei
1993Applying dynamical systems theory to the understanding of control phenomena in organizations-
1985Macroeconomic policy in Nigeria since 1960-
1970Agriculture and economic development with special emphasis on a strategy for Saudi Arabian economic development-
25-Jun-2015Essays on competition, market structures and public goodsThomas, Jonathan; Sakovics, Jozsef
1964Income tax policy problems in less-developed economies of tropical Africa: with special reference to Tanganyika-
1992Feasibility of multisectoral dynamic macroeconometric modelling of the British interwar economy-
1993Flexibility in a computable behavioural model of the firm-
25-Jun-2016Essays on social mobility, immigration and the skill premiumRodriguez Mora, Jose; Sanchez-Pages, Santiago; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
1980Forestry economics and development in Malaysia-
1962Automatic stabilization with special reference to the British taxes on income-
1984Estimating the inventive activity of UK firms : product and process invention-
1980Logit analysis of the effect of relocation on job-quit probablity-
1980Stochastic models of personal income distribution in segmented labour markets-
1982Mode choice in new towns : a case study of Livingston-
1983Information, Inference and decision: a dynamic analysis of the decentralisation v centralisation issue-
1979Cyclical fluctuations in Germany 1924 - 1929-
1959Financing of higher education in less-developed countries-
1979Factors affecting labour force participation rates and hours in Greece: a cross-sectional analysis 1961 - 1971-