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17-Apr-2017Cold Calling and Web Postings: Do They Improve Students’ Preparation and Learning?-
17-Apr-2017Assessment Strategy for Enhancing Sustained HKS Excellence-
13-Apr-2017Low-Cost Interventions to Reduce Anonymity in Large Classes-
1-May-2017Night-time lights: A global, long term look at links to socio-economic trends-
5-Apr-2017A Transition toward Sustainability-
5-Apr-2017Salience, Credibility, Legitimacy and Boundaries: Linking Research, Assessment and Decision Making-
2-May-2017Getting an Honest Answer: Clickers in the Classroom-
13-Apr-2017Engaged Scholarship: Perspectives from Outside the University-
16-May-2017Information as Influence: How Institutions Mediate the Impact of Scientific Assessments on Global Environmental Affairs-
4-Apr-2017The Global Health System: Institutions in a Time of Transition-
4-Apr-2017Biofuels and Sustainable Development-
2-Dec-2016Scientific Wealth in Middle East and North Africa: Productivity, Indigeneity, and Specialty in 1981–2013-
11-Jan-2017Nearly One Third of Enrollees in California's Individual Market Missed Opportunities to Receive Financial Assistance-
4-Apr-2017Linking Knowledge with Action Using Community Facilitators to Span Boundaries: Lessons from East Africa-
16-May-2017Using inclusive wealth for policy evaluation: Application to electricity infrastructure planning in oil-exporting countries-
18-Nov-2016Patenting nature or protecting culture? Ethnopharmacology and indigenous intellectual property rights-
4-Apr-2017Witches, Floods, and Wonder Drugs: Historical Perspectives on Risk Management-
18-Nov-2016Genetic citizenship: DNA testing and the Israeli Law of Return-
4-Apr-2017Overcoming the Challenges to the Implementation of Green Chemistry-
29-Jun-2016The Nuclear Weapons Complexes: Meeting the Conversion Challenge -- A Proposal for Expanded Action-