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30-Sep-2016“Neither mickling nor muckling" Northern Reflexivity in the Novels of the British “New Wave”-
Nov-2015Two Caspian Sea Resource Rich Countries Encounter the East-West Rift: A Comparative Analysis of the Foreign Policy Objectives of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in a Turbulent Region-
Nov-2015The Abenomics Difference: Three Arrows of Roosevelt Resolve in Japan-
Nov-2015Bridling the Black Dragon: Chinese Soft Power in the Russian Far East-
Nov-2015Supranational Union and New Medievalism: Forging a New Scottish State-
Nov-2015A Comparative Meta-Life Cycle Inventory Analysis: Energy and Water Consumption of 3D Printing Methods vs. Conventional Manufacturing in Clothing Production-
Nov-2015Challenging the Status Quo: A Review on Second-Generation Latinos Joining American Mainstream-
Nov-2015An Empirical Examination of the Adjudication and Settlement of Patent Infringement Lawsuits in the United States Court of Federal Claims-
Nov-2015Is There an Effective US Legal Remedy for Original Owners of Art Looted During the Nazi Era in Europe?-
Nov-2015A Spatial and Geophysical Exploration of Atlantic Eel Larval Distributions-
Nov-2015Post-Perforation Technology for Rehabilitating Vertical Methane Extraction Wells at Municipal Solid Waste Facilities-
Nov-2015Probability of Going Public for Cleantech Startups Based on Fundraising Milestones-
Nov-2015Tracking Electricity Production Patterns for Residential Solar Electric Systems in Massachusetts-
Nov-2015Sustainability in the Apparel Industry: Improving How Companies Assess and Address Environmental Impacts Through a Revised Higg Index Facility Module-
Nov-2015Nonnative Prosody and the Intelligibility of Ambiguous Utterances-
Nov-2015Combating Social Loafing Performance Reductions in Virtual Groups With Increased Cohesion, Reduced Deindividuation, and Heightened Evaluation Potential Through Self-Disclosure.-
Nov-2015How the House of Morgan Cooperated to Develop the Large-Cap US Multinational Corporation, 1895-1913-
Nov-2015An Analysis of the Potential Environmental Remediation and Economic Benefits Anaerobic Digesters Offer to the Dairy and Swine Industries: A Comparison of China and the U.S.-
Nov-2015Utilizing Marginalized Land for the Development of Symbiotic Waste-to-Energy Mini Grids in Remote Islands-
Nov-2015Metabolic Modeling of Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase II Deficiency and Respiratory Chain Complex I Deficiency-