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2017The Devil’s Shoehorn: A case study of EAD to ArchivesSpace migration at a large university-
2017Dispatch - Spring 2017-
2017A Bibliography of Translations of Economic Literature to 1850-
2017Smart Grid Paybacks: The Chattanooga Example-
2017Open Data Privacy-
2017Challenges & Opportunities Concerning Corporate Formation, Nonprofit Status, & Governance for Open Source Projects-
2016Privacy and Cybersecurity Research Briefing-
2016Email Archiving Stewardship Tools Workshop-
2016Dispatch - Fall 2016-
2016Privacy and Open Data Research Briefing-
2016The Transparency Reporting Toolkit: Reporting Guide and Template for Reporting U.S. Government Requests for User Information-
2013The Global Dimensions of Scholarship and Research Libraries: Finding Synergies, Creating Convergence-
2016Student Privacy and Ed Tech (K-12) Research Briefing-
2017Citizens Take Charge: Concord, Massachusetts, Builds a Fiber Network-
2016Networked Policymaking Avenues: Assessing the Role of Academics in Digital Policy-
2016Email Archiving Systems Interoperability-
2015Towards Digital Constitutionalism? Mapping Attempts to Craft an Internet Bill of Rights-
2016Structure and Discourse: Mapping the Networked Public Sphere in the Arab Region-
2015Designing Successful Governance Groups: Lessons for Leaders from Real-World Examples-
2015Beyond the Wall: Mapping Twitter in China-