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1-May-2017Variation in the cost of care for primary total knee arthroplasties-
11-May-2017Reinventing the American Wine Industry: Marketing Strategies and the Construction of Wine Culture-
4-Apr-2017High-Skilled Migration and Agglomeration-
4-Apr-2017Innovation Outcomes in a Distributed Organization: Intra-Firm Mobility and Access to Resources-
28-Apr-2017Equality and Equity in Compensation-
4-Apr-2017Sink or Swim: The Role of Workplace Context in Shaping Career Advancement and Human-Capital Development-
28-Mar-2017Theory of Machine: When Do People Rely on Algorithms?-
28-Mar-2017Entrepreneurs and the Co-Creation of Ecotourism in Costa Rica-
28-Mar-2017Management as a Technology?-
23-Mar-2017Precautionary Savings in Stocks and Bonds-
22-Mar-2017Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Ownership, and Innovation: Evidence from China-
23-Mar-2017Managers’ cultural background and disclosure attributes-
23-Mar-2017Patent Disclosures and Standard-Setting-
23-Mar-2017Alternative Paths of Green Entrepreneurship: The Environmental Legacies of the North Face’s Doug Tompkins and Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard-
22-Mar-2017Assortment Rotation and the Value of Concealment-
23-Mar-2017Corporate Purpose and Financial Performance-
23-Mar-2017Relative Performance Benchmarks: Do Boards Get It Right?-
4-Apr-2017How Elastic Are Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments-
21-Mar-2017Decision-Making by Precedent and the Founding of American Honda (1948 - 1974)-
4-Apr-2017Does "Liking" Lead to Loving? The Impact of Joining a Brand's Social Network on Marketing Outcomes-