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Nov-2016Exploring Teachers’ Collective and Individual Adaptations to an Evidence-Based Summer Literacy ProgramLesaux, Nonie K.; Kim, James S.
Nov-2016Parents’ Beliefs and Commitments Towards Formal Education and Participation in Book-Sharing Interactions Amongst Rural Mayan Parents of First Grade ChildrenYoshikawa, Hirokazu
Nov-2016Pathways to Thriving: First- and Continuing Generation College Student Experiences at Two Elite UniversitiesLight, Richard J.
Nov-2016Media, Curricula, & SocioacademicsSelman, Robert L.
17-Mar-2017Family–school relationships in immigrant children’s well-being: the intersection of demographics and school culture in the experiences of black African immigrants in the United States-
Nov-2016The Effects of Prenatal and Early-Postnatal Exposure to Mexico’s Oportunidades on Long-Term Cognitive AchievementMurnane, Richard
Nov-2016Young Children’s Changing Reactions to Counterintuitive ClaimsHarris, Paul L.
Nov-2016Teachers Learning: Engagement, Identity, and Agency in Powerful Professional DevelopmentLevinson, Meira
2017Refugee education: Education for an unknowable future-
2015What is Wrong with Grade Inflation (If Anything)?-
2016Refugee Education: The Crossroads of Globalization-
2016Executive control in bilinguals: A concise review on fMRI studies.-
2016Tracing pathways to higher education for refugees: the role of virtual support networks and mobile phones for women in refugee camps-
2016Peer influence on children’s reading skills: A social network analysis of elementary school classrooms.-
2016A Conditional Randomization Test to Account for Covariate Imbalance in Randomized Experiments-
2012Adjusting treatment effect estimates by post-stratification in randomized experiments-
2015Randomization inference for treatment effect variation-
2009Implementing Risk-Limiting Post-Election Audits in California-
2017Pathways toward Peace: Negotiating National Unity and Ethnic Diversity through Education in Botswana-
2016Conducting sparse feature selection on arbitrarily long phrases in text corpora with a focus on interpretability-