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2016Revitalizando Ciudades: MejorandoViviendas y Barrios desde la Cuadra a la Metrópolis-
2015What is a Walkable Place? The Walkability Debate in Urban Design-
May-2016Spatial Distribution of Urban Territories at a Regional Scale: Modeling the Changjiang Delta’s Urban NetworkRowe, Peter G.
May-2016Shifting Scales of Urban Transformation: The emergence of the Marmara Urban Region between 1990 and 2015Rowe, Peter; Sarkis, Hashim; Bozdogan, Sibel; Guvenc, Murat
Nov-2016Measure of Abstraction: Embodied Fabrication and the Materiality of Intimacy-
2017Adipocyte arrestin domain-containing 3 protein (Arrdc3) regulates uncoupling protein 1 (Ucp1) expression in white adipose independently of canonical changes in β-adrenergic receptor signaling-
Nov-2016Multiscale Thermal Design for BuildingsBechthold, Martin
2015Analysis of a simplified calibration procedure for 18 design-phase building energy models-
1-Aug-2016Integrated Design Workflow and a New Tool for Urban Rainwater Management-
3-Nov-2016Post-Occupancy Evaluation and Partial-Calibration of 18 Design-Phase Energy Models-
2016Revitalizing Places: Improving Housing and Neighborhoods from Block to Metropolis.-
2012Non-technical barriers to energy model sharing and reuse-
2015Integrated Workflow and a New Tool for Urban Rainwater Management-
3-Nov-2016Comparing Modes of Operation for Residential Ceiling Fans to Achieve Thermal Destratification-
2012Learning by playing – teaching energy simulation as a game-
3-Nov-2016Identifying Non-Technical Barriers to Energy Model Sharing and Reuse-
27-Jul-2016Parametric Energy Simulation in Early Design: High-Rise Residential Buildings in Urban Contexts-
2015Parametric Energy Simulation of High-Rise Multi-Family Housing-
2009Modeling an Existing Building in DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus: Custom vs. Default Inputs,”-
2014Alternative forms of the high-technology district: corridors, clumps, cores, campuses, subdivisions, and sites-