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2005SMAWL: A SMAll Workflow Language Based on CCS-
2002Everything You Always Wanted to Know about NFS Trace Analysis, but Were Afraid to Ask-
2001Variations on Random Graph Models for the Web-
2000Estimating Resemblance of MIDI Documents-
2016Toward Democracy: The Struggle for Self-Rule in European and American Thought-
1999AnGraf: Creating Custom Animated Data Graphics-
1996A Data-Parallel Implementation of O(N) Hierarchical N-body Methods-
1995A Proposed New Memory Manager-
1994Motion-Synthesis Techniques for 2D Articulated Figures-
1991The Computational Complexity of Cartographic Label Placement-
2014An Empirical Evaluation of a Combinatorial Auction for Solving Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problems-
2015Semiconductors with a loop of extrema-
2015Higher-order Behavioral Contracts for Distributed Components-
2015Exact CNOT gates with a single nonlocal rotation for quantum-dot qubits-
Nov-2015A Structural and Functional Investigation of Germ Plasm Organization Mediated by D. Melanogaster Oskar ProteinGaudet, Rachelle; Schier, Alexander; Denic, Vlad
Nov-2015Evolution of Parasitism in the Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera)Pierce, Naomi E.; Haig, David; Farrell, Brian; Giribet, Gonzalo
Nov-2015Complexity in Mutualisms: Indirect Interactions With Multiple PartiesPierce, Naomi E.
Nov-2015Rational Reconstruction and the Construction of an InterlocutorHall, Edward; Berker, Selim; Pettit, Philip; Shelby, Tommie
Nov-2015Microfluidic Methods for High-Throughput Biological ScreeningWeitz, David A.