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9781856175586.pdf.jpg2015Handbook of offshore oil and gas operationsSpeight, James G
9783527326723.pdf.jpg2015Nanoinnovation :Tomczyk, Michael,
9783527332618.pdf.jpg2014From Physics to Daily Life /Bress An, Be Atrice,; edited by Beatrice Bressan.
9783709114933.pdf.jpg2014Water supply network district meteringDi N Ardo, Arm Ando; W Ater-supplyEngineer; Di N At Ale, Michele; W Ater-supplyEngineer; Di M Auro, Ann A; W Ater-supplyEngineer
9780124114678.pdf.jpg2015Intelligent coatings for corrosion control /Tiwari, Atul,; Hih Ar A, Lloyd H ,; Rawlins, James Wayne,; edited by Atul Tiwari, Lloyd Hihara, James Rawlins.
9789400754133.pdf.jpg2014Performance of cement-based materials in aggressive aqueous environmentsAlex Ander, M Ark; Bertron, Alex Andr A; Belie, Nele de; Intern Ation Al Union of Testing And Rese Arch L Abor Atories for M Ateri Als And Structures
9781461456025.pdf.jpg2014Optimum cooling of data centersD Ai, Jun
9789812870742.pdf.jpg2014Project Quality ManagementLow, Sui Pheng; Ong, Joy; by Sui Pheng Low, Joy Ong.
9781461479963.pdf.jpg2014Bioengineering case studiesGoldsmith, Wendi; Gr Ay, Don Ald; McCull Ah, John
9780127999371.pdf.jpg41883Soil Remediation and PlantsH Akeem, Kh Alid; Sabir, Muhammad; Ozturk, Munir; Mermut, Ahmet Ruhi
9781493907670.pdf.jpg2014Operational Modal Analysis of Civil Engineering StructuresRainieri, Carlo; F Abbrocino, Giov Anni; by Carlo Rainieri, Giovanni Fabbrocino.
9781493921997.pdf.jpg2015Tunnel Fire DynamicsIng Ason, H Aukur; Li, Ying Zhen; L nnerm Ark, Anders; by Haukur Ingason, Ying Zhen Li, Anders L??nnermark.
9781493920686.pdf.jpg2015Cased-Hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Performance MonitoringB Atem An, Rich Ard M; by Richard M. Bateman.
9781849961905.pdf.jpg2014Stochastic Analysis of Offshore Steel StructuresK Ar Adeniz, H Alil; by Halil Karadeniz.
9783319000534.pdf.jpg2014On the formation of the upper monastic area of Seon Buddhist temples from Korea's late Silla to the Goryeo eraSeung-yeon, Lee
9783319001494.pdf.jpg2014The future of thermal comfort in an energy constrained worldL Aw, Timothy
9783319003184.pdf.jpg2014Confined granular flow in silosJ Acek, Tejchm An
9783319004884.pdf.jpg2014Compressive Force-Path MethodKotsovos, Mich Ael D; by Michael D Kotsovos.
9789812872630.pdf.jpg2015Building Maintenance Processes and PracticesOl Anrew Aju, Abdul L Ateef; Abdul- Aziz, Abdul-R Ashid; by Abdul Lateef Olanrewaju, Abdul-Rashid Abdul-Aziz.
9783319010267.pdf.jpg2014Basic Earthquake EngineeringSucuo lu, Hal k; Akk Ar, Sin An; by Hal??k Sucuo??lu, Sinan Akkar.