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9789814613415.pdf.jpg2016Supercritical fluid nanotechnology :Domingo, Concepci?????on,; Subra-Paternault, Pascale,
9789400760219.pdf.jpg2013Nonlinear optical properties of materialsG Aneev, R Ashid A
9781482222913.pdf.jpg2016Thin films and coatings :Zhang, Sam.
9783662487655.pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Wetting by NanofluidsLu, Gui.
9789400763708.pdf.jpg2013Diamond and related nanostructuresDiude A, Mirce A V Asile; N Agy, Cs Ab A Levente
9789400764309.pdf.jpg2013Aperiodic crystalsSchmid, Siegbert; Withers, Ray L; Lifshitz, Ron; [edited by] Siegbert Schmid, Ray L. Withers, Ron Lifshitz.
9783319252148.pdf.jpg2016Surface WettingLaw, Kock-Yee.; Zhao, Hong.
9783319240671.pdf.jpg2016Energy-Efficient VCSELs for Optical InterconnectsMoser, Philip.
9783319219639.pdf.jpg2015Image and GraphicsZhang, Yu-Jin.
9783319185972.pdf.jpg2016Requirements in Engineering ProjectsFernandes, Jo?o M.; Machado, Ricardo J.
9783662470749.pdf.jpg2015Transactions on Computational Science XXVGavrilova, Marina L.; Tan, C.J. Kenneth.; Saeed, Khalid.; Chaki, Nabendu.; Shaikh, Soharab Hossain.
9783319232348.pdf.jpg2015Image Analysis and Processing ?? ICIAP 2015Murino, Vittorio.; Puppo, Enrico.
9783319219783.pdf.jpg2015Image and GraphicsZhang, Yu-Jin.
9783319232317.pdf.jpg2015Image Analysis and Processing ?? ICIAP 2015Murino, Vittorio.; Puppo, Enrico.
9783319148984.pdf.jpg2015Multimodal Pattern Recognition of Social Signals in Human-Computer-InteractionSchwenker, Friedhelm.; Scherer, Stefan.; Morency, Louis-Philippe.
9783662477915.pdf.jpg2015Advances in Image and Graphics TechnologiesTan, Tieniu.; Ruan, Qiuqi.; Wang, Shengjin.; Ma, Huimin.; Di, Kaichang.
9781491904299.pdf.jpg2015BioBuilder :Kuldell, Natalie,
9780470018491.pdf.jpg2015Event-based neuromorphic systemsLiu, Shih-Chii.
9781118271865.pdf.jpg2015Contemporary issues in systems science and engineeringZhou, MengChu.; Li, Han-Xiong.; Weijnen, M. P. C.
9780857092120.pdf.jpg2015Engineering systems acquisition and supportMo, John P. T.; Bil, Cees.; Sinha, Arvind.